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Framingham, Mass. Audi shop? also: H4s

Someone said that >1 lister recommended a particular shop
in (or close to) Framingham, Massachusetts.

Which would that be? 

Any other recommendation in this area would be appreciated,
too. I'm in the Hudson-Shrewsbury area.

For a less critical question:
Before running it to the repair shop, I put in one (yes, it
now shines cock-eyed, but then it doesn't drive much, either)
4x6-sealed-beam-sized H4 beam in in place of one regular
sealed beam on my newly acquired '84 5kS;
In low beam, it seems to work OK (though I couldn't
reliably state that it was really the low-beam filament being
used; no time to shine it against a wall), but in high-beam,
it gets very dim.
These are Hella H4s that were gotten from a Scirocco 
in a junkyard in Germany years ago; they have the wider spade
terminals as used in these sealed beams, and I always assumed
they were drop-in replacements for 4x6 4-headlight-system
low-beams. I haven't had the opportunity to measure
voltages to check the pin-out, but does this sound like 
a typical case of bad grounds? The wires seemed awfully thin
for headlights...

Is there a way to signal someone to turn their fogs off
when one doesn't have fogs of one's own? 
I intend to make a circuit that lights up the H1 fogs
with the highbeams for about 1 seconds, such that they flash
when I flash the highbeams, but turn off quickly if I *switch*
on the highbeams (this has of course nothing to do with the above
question); those H1s are from the same Scirocco and will
go into the 4x6 high-beam locations, which would again 
hide the fact that they are fog lights to those who I'm desperately
trying to tell that it's just really dark, not foggy, and I'm being
blinded to hell by their mis-aimed "fog/driving lights". 
Hmm, maybe H1s or cheap similarly small
strong bulbs added to the turn signal housings, just for this