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Re: Idle screw?

> Serioulsly though.  I thought that it was just there for fine tuning.
>   Does it change mixture much or just idle speed.  I spose
> they are related so I would guess the farther in the richer the engine.
> farther out leaner as it lets more air in.  I am just speculating.  Or
> babbling if you want to look at it that way. 

Since you're supposed to tune 'em with the idle stabiliser out of
circuit, I presume the screw is to make the rest condition ideal, so the
stabiliser can work both ways (adv and ret) to keep the idle steady.

Kind of the way the mixture is set in the middle of the OXS/freq valve
control range (50% duty cycle) so the computer can get the most range
each way.

I guess.

Forgot to disconnect the stabiliser last time I messed with it, since
it's hidden in the glove box or something instead of the engine
compartment where one would see it and remember...

Huw Powell