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1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro For Sale

I hope this "for sale" posting is appropriate for this list. Here's the
story on my 200TQ.

I'm pretty sure that I'm the second owner. The story behind this car is
somewhat interesting. It has been on the Quattro list. We (my wife and I)
drove a one way rental to NH to purchase it from a Euro-Sport in Merrimack. I
found the car for sale in the Boston Globe online and had a friend that lives
in Nashua test drive it for me. We really enjoyed the cruise back to MD. I
purchased the car to replace my 1989 Audi 90 that was totaled in an accident
(I was rear-ended on the way home from work http://www.icdg.com/~alan/audi).
Here's more information (...than you probably want):

I purchased the car from Euro-sport in NH in Apr/May of 97. (yes, we drove a
one-way rental to NH to pick it up!) The front-end was replaced (a required
brake modification on this year... see 3/98 European Car) by an Audi master
mechanic with a V8 front-end purchased from Chris at Autobahn of NH (~$1750
total). The Audi master mechanic had my car for a few weeks and fixed all the
little nit-picking things that were broken: coin in front speaker well,
installed 4 bulbs in the dash, repaired power window switch and performed 4
wheel alignment. It runs GREAT! (it slips out of 3rd gear [you only notice it
if you drive in 3rd for a period of time; normal acceleration through the gear
works fine] that I recently posted to the Audi mailing list/group)

I purchased the car for $13k and have at least $2k in it. The exterior is
straight and the interior is in good condition. (red ext, grey leather int) It
does not have the cd-changer or the cell phone. It has the wiring in place and
microphone for a cell phone. (it's on the steering column) There isn't any
corrosion. There are the normal chips you'd expect on a 1991 vehicle but
she looks great! Let's see... what else is there? The belt was inspected by my
mechanic and he told me that it looks good. (I looked at it with him actually)
Euro-sport gave me a huge receipt with a list of stuff they did to it
(including the timing belt). Oh, I also put a new waste-gate frequency valve
in it right after I drove it down from NH. It was only getting 1.4 bar of
boost when the Bentley calls for 1.7-1.8. I also have the complete Bentley
manual set ($150) that I'll include with the car. I replaced the right rear
Bose powered speaker with a perfect used unit from a v8 Audi. The stereo
sounds great!


Gray Leather interior
88k miles
5 speed
Anti lock brakes
Driver side airbag
Power windows/locks
Heated seats (front)
Thermostatically controlled Heat & A/C

I'm asking $11,250.