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Headlight Brightener

I was reading my September (?) edition of "Four Wheeler" magazine
and came across a product description for something called a
"Headlight Brightener". Apparently this is a wiring set with relays
that brings full alternator voltage to your headlights through a
series of relays.

Sounds VERY familar, doesn't it.

The product is marketed by Jacobs Eletronics, sounds like someone
at that company has been listening in on us and our quest for brighter
and better headlights.

Quote from their web page:
Headlight Brightener
Brightens headlights 42 percent by bypassing the high-loss
OEM wiring and bringing full alternator voltage directly to lights.
Headlight Brightener is an easily installed, sophisticated relay
system. The relay(s) connect directly between the alternator
output terminal and the light(s) to be enhanced. After
installation, the light switch acts only to activate the relay.

How it works: In the average OEM wiring scheme, the
alternator voltage, about 14.1 volts, must go through the wire to
the battery, from the battery to the light switch, from the light
switch out to the lights. After all the losses, only 11.7 volts ever
reach the lights. By Headlight Brightener bringing full 14.1 volts
to lights, they shine 42 percent brighter.

Personally, I believe you would be better off running power
directly from the battery. Running a full 14 volts directly
to you headlights may make them brighter, but would also
cause premature bulb failure considering most bulbs are only
rated at 12 volts.

Most of us could rig this up for a LOT LESS than I'm sure Jacobs
wants for the kit.

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