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Re: overseas car purchase

DaveNcj@aol.com writes:
>Just how much of a PITA is it to buy a car in Europe, then ship it stateside?
>I'd figure it's probably more expensive to do it completely by the book, but
>maybe more likely you'll actually get it over here?  What ways of getting
>done exist other than using my own barge?  Anyone btdt?  

Depends on whether you're buying new or used. New, you can buy through a
tourist delivery program and the manufacturer takes care of everything,
plus you get the use of your car while you're in Europe. You'll buy the car
under US dealer invoice, so it's a pretty good deal.

I did this in '87 with my last new car and had a marvelous time touring the
(Swedish) factory.

Don't know if Audi offers something similar, but most European
manufacturers have at one point or another...