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Re: headlamp bulbs

Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com> writes:
>> ...and btw, do follow the instructions about not touching the glass part of
>> the bulb.
>Go one step further and always clean them with an alcohol soaked rag or
>tissue.  Last time I bought H4's I was chasing down a pair that were put
>together straight (a *lot* of them seem to be cockeyed) and at the auto
>parts store warehouse I spied the guy handling them all over while he
>peered at them.  Then he put them back in the box and brought them to
>the counter for me to look at...


I guess I trust strangers too much...isopropyl alcohol, right?

Also, btw, I just pulled a pair of H4 100/130s out of my other car as they
have a tendency to melt the left side headlamp connector on that vehicle,
and I'm going to downgrade it to 80/100s, I think. 

It's always the left side first. I added relays for the lamps and I thought
they were getting a good ground...but it's always the ground connection
that fails.

Anyone have any ideas here?