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Re: VC awd vs Quattro

In a message dated 98-08-27 10:55:46 EDT, you write:

<< Scott:
 This argument boils down to what is the best option for the street, or at
 least, your opinion of what is the best option for the street.  We can
 assume that Audi and its agents determined what were the best options for
 the various race venues and used them.  If not torsen for the street, then
 what would you prefer, VC, and in what configuration?  If VC, is it
 available for retrofit?  Maybe you should get one and try it on your vehicle
 that bites.
Problem:  Not available to me, or you, or anyone else outside of the race
boys.  I don't disagree that Audi determined what was best for race venues, I
just have a problem calling that quattro, since the technology isn't offered
to the rest of us.  I have experienced the quoted problems with high speed
oversteer in the torsen chassis (all) that I've driven (which excludes only
the 20vt urq for now, and the RS2).  However, one cannot ignore the root of
the problem.  High speed oversteer, and high speed understeer, in the same
chassis in the same corner, is more than even the boys with the racing suits
can handle (and they don't have the torque splits the street cars do).  My
point is, and always has been, driver control.  The reasons for the Torsen
center in the street car is obvious to me, it's an absolute traction device.
IN a straight line, one of the best.  When applying a substandard weight dist
while braking with ABS, a great device.  When turning and accelerating, the
compromises come out in a big way.  All the confidence you had inspired in the
straight, becomes a twitch and sometimes more, but "confidence" isn't the term
you use for it, btdt.  Nor is it the fastest, best, or most controllable and
most predictable.   It *can* become your enemy, switching 56% of engine torque
from the front to the rear of the car (and vice versa, several times even),
while you are turning.  Sound like fun?  Well sometimes at steamboat it was.
On the street, not really, btdt.  On the track in the dry at 7/10ths, not
really there either.  

What would I like?  Well, mostly what was raced, cuz VC's are pretty neat
devices, and can retain the oversteer character on lock.  Given the weight
dist of our street cars, I'd prolly go with 65/35, since I assume the race
quattros to be better balanced than our street machines (but you could talk me
into a 60/40).  Can I have it?  I doubt it, but happy to test it if someone
comes forth.  But that really doesn't help the growing number of torsen
equipped folks while turning.  Baseline problem of an absolute traction device
while turning.  

Most folks have no idea what the torsen thread is all about.  They just know
quattro, or think they do.  I know locker quattros really well, but my
experience with torsen quattro hasn't been as pleasant as the audi ads of
dancing thru the snow.

Scott Justusson