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Re: 86-5kt lower ball joints

> I just picked up new ball joint covers for my four ringed rathole :)  At $20
> a pop I swear there must be gold linings in 'em, but I fail to see such
> precious metal-just plain old rubber.
Look at it as at the good deal. If you would have changed the BJs 
themselves, even though  they costed you the same, you would have to do a 
wheel alignment. That's why do not unscrew a BJ from the control arm 
when you work on it.
> Has anyone changed and lubed said ball joints/covers...how do I get the
> funny spring clips off and on without damaging these expensive pieces of
> rubber?  
Use needle-nose pliers. Apply some grease to avoid tearing.

> Can I use plastic tie-wraps instead so I don't break the rubber?
In principle yes, but I see no reason. It won't hold as good as a metal clip.

> What kind of grease do I use, and do I just put in on the top of the ball
> joint-I don't see any grease fittings.
It won't heart to use a special CV joint grease (Lithium based). It is 
available from Pep Boys. 

Please send me a pn of that bj boot. Does anyone know the pn of bj and 
tie-rod boots for 4kq and Golf?