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RE: Power Window Regulator Questions (BTDT)

Well... I got the replacement regulator mentioned below and installed it =
yesterday. What a PITA job! I'd never had the door skin off before so =
that was awkward by itself, but the new worm drive regulator is *not =
quite* a bolt-on replacemnt for the cable machanism. It uses some of the =
same mounting holes as the original, but I couldn't for the life of me =
get two of them to line up properly and ended uphaving to slightly =
enlarge two of the inner door skin panel holes a bit with my drill to =
make things work. The other problem was the electrical connector: i had =
to cut the pig-tail connector off the original unit and put female spade =
connectors on the wires and then use those to slide onto the new unit's =
plug (I guess correctly about the green & black wires).=20

I ended up having to partially remove the inner(outer?) door skin to get =
at the circlip holding the glass to the regulator. I couldn't manage to =
pry mine off as was suggested.=20

The new regulator is slower than the original, but seems livable.

If I had it to do over again (and I probably will; there are 3 other =
doors on the car) I think I'd look for a good rebuilt cable mechanism if =
the price differential wasn't too much.


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If I am not mistaken?......what Rod is talking about IS NOT an Audi =
part, it
is an aftermarket setup, it does not work very good, it is not a bolt on =
you will have to play with it to get to work correctly................
My suggestion is to stay away from it, even a rebuilt cable mechanism is
better (check Mountain Audi in Colorado), believe or not .....the Audi =
up is good, the worm gear set up is slow binds easily and is a pain to
install...........I know I have 2 of them.......

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Rod at The Parts Connections tells me that there is an Audi part =
Bosch window regulator that uses the same worm gear drive as used in the
model cars. According to Rod, Audi has made these available for retrofit =
older cars because they wanted to eliminate the problems which cables
fraying, etc. once and for all in the older cars. For the type 44 there =
supposedly no modifications required to install these. (Rod did indicate
on the 4k, CGT, and ur-Q some modifications may be required.) Could this =
true? Audi actualy wanting to improve things on the older cars?

Our q-list discount price on these is $125.00 each. If that truely ends
to replace these infernal things once and for all I think it may well be =
great way to go.

Does anyone have experience with these yet? How are they holding up in =
newer cars? (100 and A6 owners feel free to chime in on this) TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (with both front windows making that fraying cable, about to =