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Re: Fuba Antenna Parts needed

"Lino M. Valadas" <valadasl@osha.igs.net> wrote:
> Do you know where one can get parts for a Fuba power antenna?
> I need the PCB (complete) for a Fuba out of a 88 200.  If you know a
> supplier of these antennae please let me know

I have a amplified Fuba roof mount antenna that I
bought for my 
Coupe GT.  I never installed it because I decided
it would be 
too trendy-looking, what with all the Hondas at
the time with 

I did have it connected to the radio for a spell,
but the 
antenna wasn't mounted, it was wedged between the
center fold 
down armrest and the backseat, in the _interior_
of the car.

I wouldn't mind selling it, so I can get something
else (I am 
sometimes tempted to install it).  I have the
original packaging 
I think.

I paid $60 (they can be had for around $55+s/h)
for it.  I know 
$50 isn't much of a discount, but it is "unused". 
(That's the main 
reason I haven't sold it yet I guess, since I
don't think I would get 
enough back to feel like I wasn't throwing away
money, not that I'm 
getting maximum value from it laying around.)

If anyone's interested...