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King Kong Lives!

Hi Y'all,

King Kong, in the persona of Hans the Audi assembler (formerly of Team
Doorhandle) is still with us.

I just successfully replaced the light which provides illumination for the
odometer of my '95 S6.  It was an easy job - after I managed to break loose
the screws which hold the instrument cluster in place.  Felt like about 850
ft pounds of torque were required.  :-)  I was beginning to doubt whether I
might have to take the car to my fiendly (sic) local Audi dealer just to
loosen two Allen screws.  But - I took my Daddy's famous advice:  "Don't
force it, son.  Just get a bigger hammer."  Success!

Now, the question of the day?  Since I now have a functioning odometer
light I can see the oil service warning which shows up on startup.  Anyone
know how to reset it without use of the infamous VAG 1551?  No, the oil has
been changed several times since the odometer went dark.

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