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Re: King Kong Lives!

At 10:32 AM 9/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Robert Myers say:
>> I just successfully replaced the light which provides illumination for the
>> odometer of my '95 S6.  It was an easy job - after I managed to break loose
>> the screws which hold the instrument cluster in place.  Felt like about 850
>> ft pounds of torque were required.  :-)  I was beginning to doubt whether I
>> might have to take the car to my fiendly (sic) local Audi dealer just to
>> loosen two Allen screws.  But - I took my Daddy's famous advice:  "Don't
>> force it, son.  Just get a bigger hammer."  Success!
>Cool. Can the same method be used to fix a non-lit outside temp
>meter? Mine's been dead since day 1.

Prolly.  Just replace the bulb (or possibly just clean the contacts?).
Pull the IC (instrument cluster).  Two screw/bolts from below.  Slip out
the trim strip thus loosened.  There is a rubber tip on the right which
slides into a recess.  The trim needs to come to the left for removal.
This exposes three Phillips screws.  (Remember King Kong?)  Remove them and
the IC just slides/tilts out toward you.  Using a small straight tip
screwdriver turn the old bulb 1/4 turn ccw and lift it from is recess.
(Turn the IC upside down?)  Insert the replacement bulb into the socket and
turn it the same 1/4 turn cw this time.  Reassemble.  It's done.  10
minutes tops (unless King Kong has had his big thumb in there).

The bulb is available from your fiendly (sic) local dealer.  I got a couple
from Linda for <$9 incl s/h.  It's an Osram 1.1 watt on an orange twist in
base designed to attach to a PC board.

>> Now, the question of the day?  Since I now have a functioning odometer
>> light I can see the oil service warning which shows up on startup.  Anyone
>> know how to reset it without use of the infamous VAG 1551?  No, the oil has
>> been changed several times since the odometer went dark.
>No :-(
>BTDT, there is NO way to do this without VAG1551.

Damn.  :-(  Oh well...  Actually, I understand that the VAG1552 does the
job also.  Whoopee.

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