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mc engine press. transducer

What is the limit of the mc engine's pressure transducer? My kh turbo 
had a 2.0 bar version making the boost mod very easy. With recent posts, 
I get the impression that the mc has a 1.5 bar pt. Is this correct? If 
it does, my upcoming turbo will get the same mod, but I have two mac 
07's, so I would like to swap 'em. I know the terminals for certain 
connections are different, so I'd like to know if anyone has some info 
on them and what terminals are the f.p. on the mc computer plug.

Still no luck in my search for an 86 and up turbo 5spd. Looks like I 
might have to settle on an auto (very reluctantly). 

(deceased) 84 5ksT (used to have) cockpit adjustable wastegate, 1.6-2.0 

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