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effects of higher boost

I ran 2.0 bar levels in my 8.3-1 compression kh engine for a good 20+k 
miles until another driver decided to be kind enough to run a red and 
allow me to hit them. Anyway, the car is almost stripped and the top end 
of the engine is off. I was amazed to see how good the cylinders still 
were. The ridge at the top was was barely a skin and still honing marks 
there. The engine never knocked or otherwise and burnt oil only from the 
turbo. Incredible how great these oiling sytems are. Maybe the oil jets 
helped it some. Anyway, use premium, and careful not to exceed the 
computer's limit, I didn't have any trouble. The plugs and pistons don't 
show leaning out in the least.

P.S.- The block is still up for grabs. 1st who wants it, gets it. You 
just have to pull it from the car. It is bare, though, but free.

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