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Audi is not out of racing, yet

I have it from a VERY reliable (and connected) source that I talked to in

Audi STILL supports the Touring Cars - they do all the developments and the
teams do the slight tweaking.

Christian Abt did the fastest lap in the latest race (the very latest race,
not the one shown on TV last night) but was taken out in the race, and Pirro
came in 2nd place (Aielo in the Peugeot came in 1st) - meaning that the Audi
cars are just now finally getting FWD sorted out! I was told it usually
takes about 2 years to get the cars right, so there is a future!

Audi IS planning on a prototype (or GT1) car. So far, it will ONLY be used
at LeMans, but possibly in one race in the USA as well (Daytona 24HR???). It
will be similar to the BMW that was at LeMans this year.

Mike Zamarocy
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