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Tires needed.

Due to moving into the house and work constraints I haven't been paying 
much attention to the list lately so I apologize if I rehash some recent 

Wife's 94 100S non-Q wagon has the airbag light on.  Start it up and it 
blinks for maybe 30 seconds then stays on.  Any ideas?

Same car - last year put on some "squarelli's" quite unhappy with them. 
Didn't wear very well at all. Since there is a 50K warranty on them I'm 
going to replace them.  Recommendations?  Need a good durable allseason for 
the non-performance driving wife who lives and commutes in New England. 
 Recommendations for a supplier and good price in the southern NH area 
would be welcome also.

Thanks for the help.


94 100S non-Q wagon 'not for the dogs'
92 Rodeo 'for the dogs'
86 4000q 'for me (once I get the garage rewired)'