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urq G60 brake conversion question

I was looking through my urq documentation, and found some information
regarding the dual piston (I assume Girling 60) calipers used on
the urquattro from 1987 on.  The part that caught my attention, however,
was the specification for the brake rotor.

The brake rotor for the single piston caliper on the urquattro is
280mm in diameter and 22mm thick. 

The brake rotor for the dual piston caliper is 276mm in diamter and
25mm thick.

When installing G60 calipers on an urquattro, do I also need to swap
out the brake rotor for the 276mmx25mm style?  Is this also the
brake rotor used by all Audis with factory G60 calipers?

My main concern, besides fitment, is whether the thinner rotor is
likely to crack in high-pressure situations (like on the track).

'85 CGT, '82 urq #87
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