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Re: 84 CGT no start

> Looking for some help with my friend's "new to him" 84 CGT. The car
> ran perfect for three days, was left sitting over the weekend, and now
> is not starting. I checked all relevant fuses and relays, they all
> seem to be good. When the key is in the on position, there are no
> check lights showing on the dash, the fuel pump does not run, and the
> turn signals will not work. The windows and heater fan still operate
> though. Any BTDT on this situation? I have no Bentley for this car and
> his cheesy little Haynes manual is worthless.

That cheesy little Haynes still has an almost complete wiring diagram. 
Follow it around from the ign switch to the things that are working (the
ones you mention run off the Load Reduction Relay) and the things that
aren't, maybe you will find a few "hot spots" worth digging into and
checking for continuity.  You don't mention if the car cranks or just
does nothing?

Huw Powell


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