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Re: TLA Lexicon (Was: WRX v. UrQ)


Now I know what the hell is gong on when someone types "BTDT".  It seems
so simple, once you find out what it means...

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


On Thu, 03 Sep 1998 00:59:14 -0400 Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com>
>Now, that you mention it, here's a short list I came up with in my 
>time today while reading posts....
>TLA: Originally Three Letter Acronym, now used to mean an
>group/topic-specific acronym of any length.
>PITA: Pain In The Anatomy
>POS: Piece Of Shtuff
>BTDT: Been there, done that (got the T-shirt....)
>BW - BandWidth
>WOB - Waste Of Bandwidth
>WRT - With Regard To
>IM(NS)HO: In My (Not So) Humble Opinion
>IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer
>FWIW: For What It's Worth
>HTH: Hope That Helps
><g> : "I'm grinning while I type this" or That last bit was a joke. 
><s> : replace grin (above) with smile
>GPR: German Parts & Restoration, parts vendor (see vendor page)
>Blau: Blaufergnugen, parts vendor (see vendor page)
>Carlson: Carlson Audi, Palo Alto, CA  Ask for Linda (see vendor page)
>TAP: Total Audi Performance, makes chips (no, not potato) (see vendor 
>ATE: Company that makes brake rotors and fluid.  Reccommended
>BTCC: British Touring Car Championship.  Run by TOCA, not FIA.  
>largest and most competitive (STW runs a close second)
>STW: Super TourenWagen, German series: Super Touring Wagon. Sad 
>(relatively speaking) to the awesome DTM (Deutsche TouringWagen
>Meisterschaft) series that Bernie Ecclestone killed off.
>WRC: World Rally Championship.  The world's most popular form of
>motorsport, as practised by all non-North Americans.
>PRO Rally: Rallying as practised by Americans and Canadians.
>VAG: Volkswagon Audi Group: Usually followed by a number.  This almost
>always indicates a special tool that VAG recommends you use to perform 
>sort of basic system maintenance.  Of course, you don't always need 
>tool.   You can make your own.  Wiht most of them, expensive is an
>understatement.  Some genius came up with this system (see Genius).
>VC: Viscous Coupling, type of differential, fluid based.
>Torsen, T*sen, T*rsen: another type of differential, gear based.
>Spool: Third type of differential, locked-rear based.
>Synchro: think Quattro with a transverse engine layout,
>Bomb: Brake Pressure Accumulator on Type 44 models
>PS: Power Steering
>GOO 2000 - Pentosin Green (after part # G 002000)
>AF - anti-freeze
>FS - For Sale
>UFOs - UFO shaped front brake calipers sometimes used by AoA while on 
>Roswell project, a form of military technology transfer.
>WTB - wanted to buy
>PO - Previous Owner
>SO - Significant Other, also SE: Spousal Equivilent
>AoA  - Audi of America
>t-belt: Timing Belt.  See TDC.
>TDC: Top Dead Center.  If you still don't get it, pay someone to 
>your timing belt.  You haven't replaced your timing belt?  Pay someone 
>to change your timing belt.
>Genius - Idiot.  Usually used when referring to Audi engineer who 
>the switch bulb circuitry or the door lock mechanisms or the window
>regulators or the high-beam flashing circuitry (could very well be the 
>Mr. Bentley: Publisher of the best shop manuals for Audis, he 
>removes seemingly non-pertinent information from the manuals (when 
>this, he's a genius, see above) that is highly pertinent.  This 
>can only be imparted from an Audi-certified technician under a full 
>whilst inebriated and concurrently undergoing secret fraternity 
>rites.  Or by asking here on the list.
>fiche: Microfiche that Audi publishes parts lists and service 
>on, yes you need a reader to read them.  A 16x loupe is NOT enough. 
>And if
>you don't have a big reader, you'll need to learn to read upside down.
>NG: Engine type.  5-cyl, 10V, 130HP.  Used on 88-91 80/90Q, 
>MB: Engine type.  5-cyl, 10V, ?HP.  Used on 
>QLCC (1.8bar): Quattro List Computer Chip (optional; pushes 1.8 bar of
>pressure through the turbo)
>t - turbo
>Q or q - quattro
>20v - 20 valve engine (5 cyl)
>12v - 12v engine (V6)
>4k - 4000
>5k - 5000
>c - coupe
>cs - the cs trim level
>gt - the gt trim level
>ls - the ls trim level
>s - the s trim level
>Ur - Original in German, refers to the Original Quattro. e.g. Ur-Q, 
>urq, UrQ
>At 07:10 PM 9/1/1998 ,  Robert Houk - WorkGroup Server Firmware was
>inspired to say:
>>  Since it appears that "WRX" is about to (if not already has) enter 
>>  QList TLA Lexicon (and, uh, at the risk of exposing an embarrassing
>>  ignorance,) has anyone compiled a list of all the TLAs floating 
>>  here?
>>  RR
>>  MB
>>  WB
>>  WR
>	Richard
>	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
>	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally