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Re: Interesting clatter

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Payne say:

> A rather annoying and worrying clattering sound developed on the
> ur-quattro this week.  Last night I decided to locate it.  I thought
> at first it might be the cam cover coming loose - that's where it
> seemed to be coming from and that's also what it sounded like.  The
> cover was tight, so I started to worry that the cam gear might have
> come loose, or the idler roller, or ...
> So I stripped the front to find everything OK.
> To cut to the chase - it was the alternator rear cover.  Weird or what?

BTDT on my 100Q.

That stupid little cover is supposed to do what? Direct cooling
air to the alternator? Mostly it's a PITA to remove to work on
anything there.


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