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RE:A4QM Avant 20k report (long)

>The 100CSQW wagon and A4Q Avant are rather different cars,
>but the lineage and shared values are obvious.  I loved my 100CSQW and
>reluctantly parted with it after a relatively hassle-free 206,000
>miles.  But I am struck, time and again, with what a vastly superior car
>the A4 Avant is to this predecessor in almost every respect

Is there really a vast difference between your A4 and the 100 as far as the
amount of usable space?  That is our main reservation about replacing our
92 100CSQW with an A4QW.  I like the new A6W, but the price is a bit up
I'm seriously thinking about a Passat Synchro (it's the perfect size), but
worried about the quality level.  BTW, wagons are still the vehicle of
here in Europe for those who want a bit of extra space.   And I would
agree with the statistic I saw a few months back that Audi has about half of
the wagon (estate) market in Europe.  A4's and 100/A6's are everywhere,
most are not quattro.  As far as the competition, the new Passat's are also
popular as are Opels.

Wörsbach, Germany
92 100CSQW