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Discount Tire A4/A8 wheels was Re: Looking for 16" take off rims from A4

Jim and all:

Call Discount Tire when EC arrived.  They don't have the wheels yet.  The
A4/A8 wheels will be available at the end of September or beginning of
October.  They will sell them seperate from the snow package.

I asked about weight, finish, etc., but they have no information yet except
that they are made by Hurshman (sp?).  I don't think I have the spelling
right, but you see that wheel maker advertised else where in EC.  I think
they primarily make BMW and Merc. wheels.

BTW, Discount Tire commisioned the wheel company to copy the Audi wheels.


John Karasaki

At 05:03 PM 9/3/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I just saw an add in European Car, from the Tire Rack I believe, that has
>exactly what you are looking for. It was an ad for replica rims for snow
>At 03:33 PM 9/3/98 -0400, AQUATTRO4U@aol.com wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>I am now looking for a set of take off rims from an A4. 
>>16" 5 spoke preferred. 45mm offset 5 lug 
>>If you have any ideas of where I can find a set please let me know.
>>Thanks in advance.
>      Jim Griffin
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR