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Re: Ur-q Front Seat Dimensions?


You're right and wrong.  You're right in that the seats from all the models
you mentioned will FIT in the cars you mentioned.  However, if you used the
seat cover from a 1985 4kq as a pattern for a urq seat during the
reupholstering process, you would be very much disappointed.  The earlier
cars and urq's had great, deep "sport seats."  The later coupes and 4k/4kq
cars had flatter bottom, flatter side bolster front seats.

IMHO, the early coupe/urq seats are the best seats Audi has provided in the
USA (except maybe the ultra-rare Sport Quattro).  The "flat bottom" leather
seats in our '86 4kq and the "flat bottom" cloth seats in our former '85
4kq are quite comfort oriented vs the handling oriented early seats.  IMHO,
the later 4k seats are better for handling than the flat bottom 5k seats,
but not by much!


John Karasaki

At 06:49 PM 9/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> I am trying to get some covers made for my 83 Ur-q. Anyone know if the
>> physical seat dimensions are the same as any other Audi. Hopefully
>> these things are the same size as something more common than an Ur-q,
>> so that the references will be available. This is for the front seats
>> only.
>Urq, Coupe (GT), and 4k (q) all share identical seats, front and rear,
>with exception that 4k front seats don't fold forward.  I've had all
>three in my coupe...
>There are differences between some of the slide release levers and seat
>belt brackets that interfere with absolute interchangeability.  I
>believe this is between years rather than models, probably goes with the
>big face lift in 85.
>Huw Powell
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR