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Re: Ref: A4QM Avant

Todd Young wrote:
>I would like to pose a question.
>I was at the dealer on Wednesday and was looking at the A4 sedan and >the
Avant. Has anyone compared the distance from rear seat back to
>rear of the trunk between the two body styles?
>The Avant seems to be at least 12 inches shorter...

The Avant IS shorter but not by quite that much!  Here is an extract
from a post I made just over a year ago when I compared the A4 sedan
and Avant while back in merry old England...

   Now on to the A4 Avant.  What a disappointment!  I was expecting the
   Avant to address some of the space problems I have with my sedan, but
   the rear seats are exactly as tight in the wagon as the sedan, and
   the trunk area (when the cover-blind is drawn) is actually SMALLER
   than the sedan - approx 2 inches shorter (according to Audi's
   brochure) and narrower due to the sides being filled-in more than
   the sedan trunk.  Of course, you do have more height to play with, but
   only if you dont mind folks seeing what you've got back there!

-Mark Quinn