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Dremel tips .... speed control

Michael Williams' recent post on his new Dremel reminded me of
a tip for all of you (like me) who have a non-variable-speed
Dremel (or Sears etc.) drill ...

Often the fixed-speed drills are just too fast for certain jobs,
but a regular (cheap) variable light dimmer switch makes a fine
external speed control, as follows:

     Lamp Dimmer Switch                       $5 (or less)
     Plastic Electrical switch/socket mounting
       box (regular household type)                $0.50
     Cheap plastic switch faceplate                $0.40
     Cheap 6ft. two-pin extension cord             $1.50

Splice the dimmer into one side of the two-wire extension cord
mount inside the switch/socket box w/faceplate, and you have
a speed control for less than $8.  Takes 15-30mins to build.

-Mark Quinn