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RE: TT in T.O.

I just saw a Plymouth Prowler on Canoga and the 101 fwy in Woodland Hills.
Kinda ugly.  Piss yellow.  Had a mfg plate.  Guy pulls up to me, rev, rev,
rev, light turns green, Audi says "See Ya Later".  (FYI, no speed laws were
broken, OK.  I didn't even spin the tires.  He tried, but didn't)  Gotta
love the QLCC.

I thought those things were supposed to be fast.  I just looked up the car
on the internet, has less hp the my QLCC modded car.  20 inch rear (at
least) tires and 214 hp??  And your point is??

If Plymouth can build something as ridiculous as this, Audi's TT seems like
a reasonable car from a marketing standpoint.

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> Hey all, on the sighting bit... was southbound on rt. 23 in Thousand
> Oaks, Ca at 6pm last night... northbound was a TT - blackish/blue, kinda
> hard to tell. I thought it was a new beetle at first from a distance... 
> My wife can't understand how I can pick out cars like this while driving
> down a busy highway. Wish I had somewhere to turn around then, would
> have loved to catch up to it.
> Shane Kurowski
> x72927