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Re: Where's the label?

The lable on my '87CSTQ was on the cover over the radiator.  It fell off 
before I moved to CA about 5 years ago but since ALL north american Audis 
since about '84 or before are 50 state cars I did not think it would be a 
problem.  Well they hit me for $300 and said I would get it back in the 
mail after they got a letter from Audi.  Audi said they sent the letter 
but the lovely state of CA said they never got it so I never got my $300 
back.  Lots of phone calls later, CA finaly admitted that, yes the car 
did meet CA specs but, no they don't ever give the money back like they 
say they will.  Nice state.

Last year I got a 93 S4 in MA and brought it back to CA.  It had been hit 
in the front so I had to replace the hood.  The sticker is on the hood in 
the '93s so I made sure I removed the old sticker to put on the new 
hood.  No problem.

If your sticker is missing, you can go to an Audi dealer and they will 
order you a new one for about $45.  They need to see the car to order it 
and put it on the car when it comes in.  I would just go to a junk yard 
and try to get one off of another car. 

Mark Kettering
'93 S4 (for sale)

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, Randy Bindrup wrote:

> I am in the process of moving back to California from Arizona.  4 years ago I
> bought a '87CSTQ from a fellow who moved here and had originally purchased the
> car in CA.  Having lived in CA before and knowing that if the car was/is not
> CA certified for emissions you get hit with a stiff cost when trying to
> register the vehicle.  I can't find the certification label under the hood
> anywhere.  I have seen this on other vehicles I have owned.  Any clues?
> Thanks!
> Randy (taking the "baby" back home)