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Re: S6 dash switches

I did the exact same thing. Called Linda at Carlsen and got an extra front
foglight switch for $12 or so.

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From: Jeff Maurer <jeff.maurer@infocus.com>
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Date: Thursday, September 03, 1998 3:55 PM
Subject: S6 dash switches

>The '95 S6 has a row of switches in the center of the dash, above the
console, that control hazard flashers, fog lamps, etc.  There are (on the US
car anyway) a number of blanks in this row.  Has
>anyone purchased and successfully installed a switch in place of one of the
>I'd like to install a set of PIAA's or Cibie's, and would love to be able
to retain stock switches.
>thanks for your time,
>Jeff Maurer
>IT Applications Section Mgr.
>In Focus Systems, Inc.