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S4/6 & 4K parts FS

Hello all,

My home email address (famoroso@sprintmail.com) catastrophically failed last 
Wednesday so if anyone has attempted to contact me please resend to 

I have a few things starting to amass in my garage so I though I would post 
them for sale...

4000 cs q stuff...

Audi 4000CS black plastic tail script. Free
Graf Water pump and timing belt, new. $45
Momo steering wheel hub. $35
4 Gislaved Nordfrost, studded, 185/65-14, used two seasons. $200 (turn your 
q into a snow mobile)
4 Bridgestone Turanza EL 50, 195/60-14. $100
EC Project 4k articles & other tech information, 66 pages. $10
Bentley manual, excellent condition. $55
4 piece Lloyds floormat set. Black with white "quattro" embroidered. $60

S4 / S6  stuff...

Lower headlight trim strips and H/L washer caps, black. $25
Sachs Sporting kit Suspension, 4 dampers (one soft) & springs. 35k miles. 
TAP chipset & Spring. $250
9, 1.1 watt orange base bulbs for Instrument Cluster. $5
S6 lower & upper Steering Column trim, used. $15
S6 instrument cluster. $150
Sport Quattro bypass valve, 0 280 142 102. $35
Passenger side DOT headlight lens. $20
S4 steering wheel and airbag. $550
2 piece (front) floormat set. Black with red Audi rings. $30


Audi Sport logo wheel center caps. I had these made up. Reverse engraved on 
silver plastic and painted red. They can be done in any diameter.
Momo Ghibili III steering wheel. $175
Momo Porsche Design steering wheel w/ center pad, new. Offer.
Brake proportioning valve, new. $25
Audi keychain, pull apart type, silver w/ 4 rings, new. $20

Buyer pays shipping. Email me at famoroso@svbank.com