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More Stuff for Sale

Hello List! More items for sale here, the garage is still full of 

1)87.5 CGT passenger headlight assembly in good shape=45.00
2)87 5kcstq bosch bumper turn signals(orange), good shape=45.00/set
3)2 blaupunkt 120watt 6x9's-35.00/pair
4)JBL 3.5 titaniums paid 65.00, almost new-30.00/pair in box
5)87.5 trunk lid, mint condition,w spoiler all lights(black in color)= 
6)87 5cskqt leather shift boot=10.00
7)87.5 CGT fuse box cover-black plastic=10.00
8)87.5 CGT Coil=10.00
9)87.5 CGT Armrests(Black in Color)=40.00 for the pair
10)CGT Wiper motor for front assembly=40.00
11)Various relays=10.00 a piece, give me a part # and chances are I will 
have itů

Email me directly, i want to get this stuff out now!

nick meyers

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