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Coupe Gt., strut bearings, and 200 CV joints

1st Well I remember a week ago people talking about removing axles to
replace CV boots.  I just finished the job on a the 200t .  I wanted to add
that I could not get the shaft out by removing the inside bolts and trying
to work the CV joint out through the hub.  I think if I had a gear puller I
could have pushed it through.  I had to drop the sway bar, and let the
control arm down to give room to pull the strut and push out the shaft. 
The outer boot kit had a new axle (outer boot kit lubro moly $24) nut and
the inside kit
($32) had new bolts with Allen heads rather than the triple square,  I
reused the triple squares, I feel they do not strip out as easily.

2nd,  can I replace a strut bearing for a 86 CGT with out removing the
slotted nut?  How or where can I get that slotted nut tool? What are the
symptoms of a bad strut bearing?.....with the front wheel off the ground I
can get about a .25-.5 inch of play at the top of the strut when lifting
the wheel up by hand.  

Brian Link
Boulder, CO