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Re: Coupe Gt., strut bearings, and 200 CV joints

> 2nd,  can I replace a strut bearing for a 86 CGT with out removing the
> slotted nut?  How or where can I get that slotted nut tool? What are the
> symptoms of a bad strut bearing?.....with the front wheel off the ground I
> can get about a .25-.5 inch of play at the top of the strut when lifting
> the wheel up by hand.

Have to remove that nut. Tool is common, I didn't buy one yet but $20 at
local auto parts house.  It is of course for VW strut work...  New nuts
were cheap at dealer, too.

Whatever is causing that play you want to get in there and find it!

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
rest your hands