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Re: CV Boot done! Tips I learned...

In a message dated 98-09-08 13:49:49 EDT, tyoung@wamnet.com writes:

<< Not exactly sure if I'm getting the right picture, but.....
 I've got a pair of pliers (Sears Craftsman) that work the reverse of normal,
 you squeeze the handles together, the jaws open up (spread apart, instead of
 closing). Used them many-a-times to get a cir-clip type thingy off the drive
 splines on my Toyota 4X4's front hub (had that thing apart so many times I
 do it in my sleep - grease maintenance). I was unaware of them until my
 brother-in-law pulled out a pair one time, you can bet I made a bee-line for
 nearest Sears store and picked up my own pair. The outer surface of the jaws
 small teeth to help hold the cir-clip, so that it doesn't go flying. They
 good for removal and installation. I don't know the Sears tool number, but if
 go in asking about 4WD tools, they should be able to find it. >>

You got "the right picture" Todd! No worries about the little sucker "going
flying" cuz it is captive and the boot kit contains a new one anyway. That
tool sounds like a winner and I will surely buy one before the next time I do
this. Highly recommended if it fits the application. Ideally they should lock
the clip open freeing up both hands to hold the drift and bash with the
hammah...otherwise still a two person (or one three handed person) job.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq