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Re: 5KCSTQ: 'Unshakable' Steering Wheel Shimmy

Richard Haroutunian said:

> At speeds of aproc. 50-6- mph, the steering wheel shakes.  I have taken
> everyone's suggestion(s) to heart -- and I've been back to NTB 3 times to
> have the tires balanced --nothing..  I've had the rims checked for dings

    I think you may have identified the problem....You mentioned NTB in your
message.  Ah ha!  There's your problem.

    Those morons couldn't alighn a unicycle.  Seriously, I would find someone
in the area that does really good balancing and alighnments.  Something like a
speed shop or a place that actually calibrates thier machines on a regular
basis.  Many good shops do something called "on-car balancing" and it seems
to work well.  Just make sure you mark the position of your wheels before you
pull a wheel off in the future.

    You may think they are spending a lot of time on your car when you go
there, but you are really waiting 1-2 hours for your car to get on the rack,
where they spend approx ~10 minutes on your car.  Those chain places are
desighned to get you in and out, not to spend time helping you.  If they make
you schedule a time to bring in the car, that is usually a good sighn.  Try
that before you start thinking about investing in expensive parts.

    90 200tq...smooth as silk  :)