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Re: NEW RONIN Movie..!!!! rippin' Audi S8 quattro!!!!!

Thompson Smith wrote:
> Last night on "Entertainment Tonight" 7:30pm est, there was a short preview
> of Robert Di'Nero's latest movie, "RONIN" He plays in a french connection
> style flick filmed in grand 'ol Paris with machine guns shooting and euro
> cars all over. Of course, the chase just happens to feature a ROCKIN' Audi
> S8 quattro WFO through 8 foot wide narrow back streets. Completely wide

The trailer menu can be found on the Ronin movie website at:


Hit the button for the "Trailer Library and it's trailer #2 that you

It can also be accessed directly at:


Warning!:  This trailer requires QuickTime3 and is about 5.5MB in
length.  A bit of a download if you're not on a high speed connection.

There's also a selection of "Dynamic Images" that I didn't take the time
to sort through, but there may be more footage in there as well.

Happy surfing!