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Re: NEW RONIN Movie..!!!! rippin' Audi S8 quattro!!!!!

On Wed, 9 Sep 1998, Gary G. Erickson wrote:

> There's also a selection of "Dynamic Images" that I didn't take the time
> to sort through, but there may be more footage in there as well.

Ahhh... well...

#2 - car crash into cafe (1.53mb) has a good shot of the S8/A8 boinking
into a building :(

#3 - De Niro & Frankenheimer (836k) has a Mercedes but at the end, there
is a shot of a silver 100 :)

#9 - Get Up and Run (637k) has a nice shot of a Peugeot for those
interested :)

#10 - The Car Chase Begins (520k) -- well, it isn't in an Audi, but they
show filming of a car chase with cameras strapped to the hoods of a red
Mercedes and said Peugeot

#12 - Car Crash End (1.53MB) has the sweet rollover of the BMW.  Cool
as it rolls into a pile of pillows chased by a 911 cabrio... do we need to
say that this movie has a lot of cool car chases in it?  yep...

#14 - Stree Shootout (1.44mb) has a fight on the street w/de niro & co
using the S8 as a bullet shield (gasp!!!) .. maybe it's bulletproof and
hardended for spy use, eh?  Lots of guns -- so, put the children in a
different room!

Okay -- now that I've wasted bandwidth in EVERY way ... :)

Might I add that the whole site (ronin's) is very cool (if you like
splashy high-bandwidth sites) ... and their server is _very_ quick (at
least from here).


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