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Re: Audi TT

George_Earle@chordiant.com wrote:
> European Car has a nice little article on the TT.
> They are falling all over themselves.  Didn't drive it yet...they're hoping
> it's as great on the road as it is in pictures.

A Financial Mail (London) reviewer has driven the TT.  While he seemed
to like the car overall, he wasn't blown away.  Some excerpts:

"To some observers, the TT Coupe looks as exciting as a toaster.  To
others, it is the most sensual Audi yet."

"The TT . . . will be difficult to revamp and this will make it an
instant classic, unlike the Z3, which is being remodelled by BMW."

"You either love or hate the TT, and I suspect that it will appeal more
to men than women.  I certainly doubt whether there was a female on the
design team."

"With its high sides and domed roof, looking out of the TT is like
peering from under a Second World War German army helmet while sitting
in a bath."

"The TT is sporty, but not as nimble as British and Italian sports
cars.  The driver feels further from the action than in an Alfa or MGF,
and there is a dullness in the steering."

"Air conditioning is essential because of the fierce heat from the
engine compartment.  The bonnet was so hot after a 25-mile sprint I
could not open it with bare hands."

Shaun Mullen
West Grove, PA