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Re: NEW RONIN Movie..!!!! rippin' Audi S8 quattro!!!!!

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >#14 - Stree Shootout (1.44mb) has a fight on the street w/de niro & co
> >using the S8 as a bullet shield (gasp!!!) .. maybe it's bulletproof and
> >hardended for spy use, eh?
> Yep.  You know aluminium...so tough!  Stands up to those nasty steel
> bullets so well...heck, you shouldn't need a trip to a special body
> shop(recommendable by your nearest dealer) until you've had at _least_ 3
> gunfights.
> Audi has hawked this as a major selling point of the car.  "Hey, you're
> mofioso, you don't want to have to stop in at Tony's Body Shop every time
> someone takes a pot shot at ya, now do yah?" said Audi marketing director
> Imaclue Less.

In fact, Audi of Brazil (and perhaps others) offered a heavily-armored
A8 straight from the factory--complete with run-flat tires, 1+" thick
glass, explosive bolts on the doors, panic alarms, etc etc etc.  I've
got the article somewhere and I can dig it up if anyone's interested.

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