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4kq shift light

Well, my fiance just told me that the shift light in the 85 4kq stopped
working yesterday...WOOHOO!  Before I get too excited though, is this
indicative of any other kind of problem?  She claims that no other
electrical glitches have shown up, so I suspect it is just a blown bulb...
which I will never replace.

Looks like the Audi gods gave me a blessing this time.

I am paying my penance (sp?...I'm not Catholic...) now though for getting
the V8 (I closed on it yesterday)- Since I've already sold my Protege I
have to drive my fiance's old d 626...it's Hell.  But only until Saturday,
and then it's Lux-O-Boat V8 Ahoy!

A friend of mine who used to have one was telling me not to get the V8 and
claimed that I was having an early midlife crisis which was making me
abandon the practicality of my Protege for the Beast.  I told him I was
expressing it in the best way I could...and that it was better than, say,
quitting my job and trying to climb a mountain.  He said he wasn't sure
which would prove the greater hardship though :(

In any case, _I_ have faith that I will be happy with my new purchase,
and look forward to puutting it thorough it's paces.


Nathan B. Thomas