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Re: suit and tie oil change

In a message dated 9/9/98 audistuff@juno.com (Paul R Anderson) writes:

<< We all praise the engineers for the check valve in the oil filters that
protect our engines but we curse them when it comes time to change
the oil and we get a pint of oil in the hand when we remove the filter.
I figured out a solution today that is probably old news to some.
1.Loosen the filter and get your hand out quick to allow it to drain.
2.After filter has drained, slip a plastic grocery sack over the filter
remove the rest of the way.  As you unscrew the filter, the bag will
become wrapped around the filter and when you are finished, the filter
is all packaged for easy drainage and disposal. >>

Good tip Paul. 

I have a habit of draining out filters and putting them back in the box for
the recycling folks to pick up (yes, they take them that way where I live). I
use one of those combination drain pan/storage containers (holds 12 quarts so
it is good for two changes...well, except back in the 911 years when one
change filled it). It has a catch screen. What I do is drain the sump (pan)
first. When that is done close it up and move the pan under the oil filter.
When I remove the filter I immediatly turn it upside down and set it on the
catch screen to drain along whatever oil is left to drain out the filter
mount. Using latex gloves this is quick, clean, and the filter gets drained
prior to recyling. Works for me...

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (reminds me...almost due for an oil change)