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It is time to take the Qlist to the next level

Q heads,
I think it's time we all get together and take the Quattro List to the next
level.  I've been visiting the A4.org and VWvortex.com sites for a while now
and am very impressed with how professional their sites are.  Dan is pretty
busy it seems, so we should farm the web site out to someone on the list who
is known for making professional web sites (Darin Nederhoff, Eric Renneisen,
Jeff Goggin, and many many others on the list).

We can build a proper classified section that divides the cars up by model and
year with picture and email links.  Have a separate "parts/Cars wanted"
section and even have some featured columns written by some of our listers.  A
calendar section would list all the upcoming QCUSA events and Qlist events
(such as Audifest), and reviews of each past one.

I would like to see it modeled after the VW Vortex site, they really have
their act together.  This shouldn't be hard if we start having people
contribute to the cause rather than have 1 guy try and do the whole thing.

IF this means we have to let in some advertising, maybe it's time as long as
we make strict rules to adhere to.  There's nothing wrong with have a web page
that lists all some advertisers for Audi parts companies....as long as
everyone on the list is happy with their service.

What do you say guys?

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