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ANOTHER ONE bites the dust!

If you don't like bad news, close your eyes and hit delete NOW....

Well, it has not been a good day for me and my wonderful (*cough*) Coupe quattro.
I took my car up to Anderson Motorsport in Chanhassen, MN to have them investigate
a whining noise from the driveline....  I wanted to have them look into it since I
was just about to go ahead and order all my suspension stuff (H&R, Bilsteins etc)
and wanted to know what was with the whine.  I was figuring that my center
driveshaft bearing was kaput and I could live with having that rebuilt.  No such
luck!  My transmission is in more trouble than Mr. Clinton at congressional
impeachment meeting!  DOH!  Mr. Royal, pass me a beer...  nahh, better go straight
to the hard stuff!  :-(

SOooooo....  the total "fix" is looking like $3,600.  (Rebuilt Audi tranny, new
clutch kit,  flywheel lightening, and labor.)
At this point I really don't know what I'm going to do...  coming up with that
much cash will really put me in dire straits.  What do you guys think I should
do?  Fix it?  Find a bridge, push the car over and walk away?  Trade it for
another Coupe (ie: http://www.karquattro.com/coupes/0060.html ) ?  Get out of the
ring or torture club and get a friggen Honda!?

I'm open to suggestions at this point...   FWIW, my current CQ has 105k on the
clock, TAP chip, K&N cone, Scorpion exhaust, about 2k worth of audio upgrades, new
brake calipers in the rear, newer pads & rotors all around, timing belt service 2
months ago, tranny *cough*, and diff fluids not long ago, etc etc....       I'm in
so deep I almost feel like I have to keep it, but I'm not sure I can afford to.
Decisions decisions....    anyone have an Accord for sale?  ;-)

Any leads on GOOD used transmissions?

Give me your thoughts people...  I sure as h#ll can't seem to think straight at
the moment...


'90 CQ20V - Tranny by Hyundai!  ;-)