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RE: Snell95 M rated helmets

Definitely need to go to a shop with a decent selection to try on a bunch.
Different brands do fit differently.  I ride motorcycles as well and would
say that spending extra for comfort is worth it if you plan on using the
helmet a lot.  

Paying over $300 is way out of line though.  Dennis Kirk has great
selection, but is WAY over priced (I always shop there, but never buy
there).  Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse has much better deals.  And you
local shop may have some good deals as well, if you're willing to haggle a
little.  I bought my AGV from a local shop for $220, and can't see ever
paying more for a helmet.....

Good luck.

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> >I'm looking to buy an M rated helmet, and the motorcycle shops around 
> here 
> >don't usually carry Snell rated stuff (scary that they sell the cheaper 
> >helmets to people). Does anyone have any suggestions on brand, and mail 
> >order location to get a great price?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Paul
>      Try Dennis Kirk, They're pretty good but the prob. w/mail order 
> helmets, is that you can't try them on.  I ordered a helmet in the same 
> brand/size/model as one I had tried on and it did fit differently.  Ask 
> at a motorcycle shop, and look for the brands Shoei, Arai, and AGV.  
> They all fit differently, but all make fantastic helmets.  DON'T buy 
> from a motorcycle dealer, they'll soak you.  Try a shop that sells 
> parts, and accessories, they're usually 15-20% cheaper than dealers.  
> Also, your local roadracing club might be of some assistance, as well.  
> Expect to pay upwards of $300 for anything worth your noggin. The 
> pricier ones are more comfortable as well.  I've ridden at 100mph pluss 
> with cheap and expensive helmets, and believe me, it's worth the dough 
> to get one thats really cozy.  The cheap ones will save your life just 
> as well(this I know from experiance),  but this is one area to treat 
> yourself
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