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Re: 91 200TQ Driving Impressions - What am I missing?

Levent Cur wrote:

> > I now am considering to get rid of my 100CS quattro, and get me a mint
> > condition, low mileage, '91 200TQ.....  Please does anyone have any
> > thoughts about performance and or interior shots of the car?

Rob Wincell wrote:

> Sorry Lev, I have thoughts and interior shots, but I'm not going to share
> them with you.
> Although maybe you could get 800hp from it, since it ws so easy to get 240
> from the 100CS.

 My Thoughts:
His "cheap & easy" modifications are probably tearing up his engine and now
he wants to get rid of it before it throws a rod. By the way Rob, I like your
first comment, cute. :-)

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