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Re: Dead 82 5ks in Boulder needs home

I am in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I have a couple of 85 5ks engines which
may be of use to someone  acquiring this car.  Let me know.

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On Tue, 15 Sep 1998 10:30:49 -0600 "Smeins, Larry" <lsmeins@ball.com>
>A friend in Boulder has an 82 5ks that is in very good condition 
>except for
>a frozen engine. He sold it to a teenager who froze the engine and 
>it.  He is anxious to part with it.  If anyone in the area is 
>interested in
>it as a parts car or rebuilding I'm sure you could obtain it very
>reasonably.  If you are interested get in touch with me and I'll put 
>you in
>touch with the owner.

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