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Re: memories (Christian finally speaks up)

I had an IM (instant message) session with Christian about this
and apologized to him for teasing him about the car.
I think everyone knows I love the car, and I even praised him
as being "more anal than I am" the other day :)

But to get this straight, I'm not selling the CQ, though I thought
about it for a couple of days after seeing the post for Jeff
Donnely's "dragon wagon".  And I see nothing wrong with getting
a fair price for the car if I do ever sell it - ask Derek Daily
what's a fair price for a CQ (he paid quite a bit for his).

I paid 9k for Christian's car.  Since then I've repaired the heating 
system ($150 in parts and hours in labor),  installed a full Alpine
system with amp and CD changer, Infinity speakers all around,
replaced a bad knock sensor, installed new V rated rubber, purchased
a set of snows and rims, installed rear Scorpion exhaust, installed
euro lights and harness, new V belts, etc etc.  
It's worth 12k, trust me.

I know I don't have to defend myself but I wanted to put to
rest the idea that we have to sell cars for what we paid for them.
Yes, it's great to cut qlisters a deal on a car, and in fact I'm
trying to talk Christian into a cherry 87 CGT (so my wife can get
a Passat...) and my asking price would reflect that he gave me a 
reasonable price on the CQ.


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