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Hi, I'm new here! (longish)


My name's Matt, and I live on the Isle of Wight, which is a small island
about 20 miles long, anchored off the south coast of England.

Better mention my car I guess: a 1989 ur quattro (Lago Blue) numberplate
F 757 GKP. It's all basically standard (although I think the a/c might
be aftermarket) except for a Scorpion exhaust which the previous owner
had fitted. It's been maintained by Dialynx for the last couple of

Some people, including my aged parents, wonder why I want such a fast
car in such a 'small' place. They don't seem to realise that it's the
acceleration and cornering which make driving fun - and believe me
there's plenty of twists and turns in the country lanes over here!

There's currently a problem related to the turbo which will be looked at
within the next couple of weeks (i.e. when I have time to take it to a
garage). If anyone would like to speculate on the cause, I'd be
interested. I think (hope) it may just be a sticky/knackered wastegate


 - Turbo feels slow to start boosting (compared with other turbo cars
(not quattros) I have driven)
 - If I floor the throttle in 2nd and accelerate strongly on full boost,
there is much less power (lack of boost) when I change into 3rd
 - Under full boost in, say, 4th gear up an incline, the boost appears
to come in waves
 - The engine occasionally suddenly cuts out at full boost
(overboosting?). Obviously it's always when I'm overtaking something
somewhere extremely dangerous.

Oh for a boost gauge!

Any opinions welcome (and hints as to how to keep the cost down).

Thanks for listening...

P.S. If anyone out there is using MS Outlook and has managed to use the
Inbox Assistant to move messages from this list to a separate folder,
I'd like to here from them. I can't work out how to provide a
'catch-all' set of rules for it to do so.

Matt Edmunds
Senior Programmer
Stainless "We splat 'em better" Software Limited