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RE: FW: Washer fluid reservior leaking on '93 90

Did the minor surgery this weekend. Took off the front left wheel and got
the inner liner off. I could see the reservior, and to help find the leak I
put some water in the reservior. I found the problem immediatly. The black
hose that feeds to the washer nozzels came loose. I put it back in where it
belonged, and used a plastic pull-tie to hold it in place (I had to do the
same for the hoses leading to the washer nozzels). That fixed it. Took
longer to get the wheel off than it did to fix it.

Then that night I got a flat on the freeway and suceeded to destroy one of
my 2 month old Dunlop SP 8000 tires. Win some, loose some.

Matt Daniels
'93 90S

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> Matt Daniels wrote:
> > Quick question: Is it easier to get to all of this if I take
> the wheel/tire
> > off? I'm assuming that it would be, but you never know.
> Pro'lly. I didn't actually replace mine, only opened things up enough to
> see what the problem was.
> As I recall, it looked like quite a bit of the front end was going to have
> to come apart. I had the LF headlight out, and was getting close to
> removing the air dam and plastic facia that surrounds the front bumper...
> I think the problem was the wheel-well liner was moulded with part of
> the facia, or at least could not be removed with out first getting the
> other stuff out of the way...
> Good luck. Post details for us, will you? :-)
> -Chris
> 1993 90CS 70k miles