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1990 90q 20V and siging off from Mentor

 Tomorrow I am signing off from Mentor Graphics but I'll still be on the list as GaidosIII@aol.com. I haven't quite been here a year but that was long enough. I'm heading back to hardware development.
 I reached an agreement with the woman selling her 1990 90q 20V. Personally I think I made out very well with the deal. $8600 got me the following:
1990 90q 20V
aqua marine paint with platinum leather interior
All options except power seats
cold weather package (that should be handy here in California)
ski bag
original owner
74,000 miles
>From nearly every angle the car looks brand new.
A few nicks and flaws here and there but I have never seen an 8 - 9 year old car that looked so clean. The car almost looks like she bought it and just stuck it in the garage and forgot it. Whoever made the origanl post about this car, thanks!
P.S. I asked her to look me up in 6 - 7 years when she is ready to sell her new A4 :)

Anton J. Gaidos, III
Mentor Graphics, Silicon Valley Headquarters
San Jose, Ca.