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Re: Ignition sticks in crank...

Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> My 93 90 ignition switch will ocassionally stick in the crank position.  A
> little knudge on the car and I can move it back to normal where it should
> fall after cranking.  Can I fix this with a little lube or will I have
> to get a new lock tumbler for it?

This happened to my '93 90 about a year ago. I took it to a dealer since
I knew there was a recall for the ignition switch for some cars; the switch
would fail and various electrical systems would stop working.

At first they said "Oh, this is a different problem, you're gonna pay $500".
I spent a while haggling with the service manager trying to explain, "But
it's the same !@*$#@ part as in the recall, so what if the failure mode is

In the end, I got him to call AoA and they covered it 80%, event though
I was out of warantee...

(I haven't been successful making the same sort of case about the driver's
side cat, though; same !@#(%! part as for slushboxes, failed same way, yet
they won't pay...)

1993 90CS 70k miles